Online gambling and the pokies revolution

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Online gambling is now becoming a great way to spend a bit of time, keep entertained and pass those hours while surfing the net. With an ever increasing mass of casinos and online gambling websites, your choice of entertainment hub has never been any superior than ever before. Online Pokies are becoming a significant and vastly entertaining casino related game, which is extremely popular and in demand in many of Australia’s best online casinos. One of the most exciting and pulse intensifying experiences is now available for everyone to engage in online.

Aussie Poker Players

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Aussie poker players are a discerning lot of folks. When they decide to play poker online, there’s only place that springs to mind: 888poker Australia. This venue is the king of the poker ring. Enjoy satellites, qualifiers, and freerolls & win incredible packages to premium events like the WSOP.

The current top poker players rankings

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The current top poker players rankings

The rankings of the current top 300 players in the world have been published today.

As a disclaimer, let me start by staing that I am not on that list. No, in fact, you are more likely to see me surfing here for low limit sites to try out. (Currently experiencing a bad run, though things are not that bad just yet). Read More

Making the Most of Online Poker Site Reviews

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Making the Most of Online Poker Site Reviews

There’s an art to making the most of online poker site reviews that many people seem to struggle with. It’s hard to read through the filler and promotion and really get to the grit of the review; the perks, the promos, the hard factors that determine if a site is worth your time or not. For example, Read More

Poker Movies

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Poker, one of the popular games in an online casino, is so popular that it is said to be the American’s table game. As such, it comes as no surprise that poker is constantly portrayed in the American movies. In some of them, there are a couple of scenes with people playing poker, but there are others where poker plays a major role. And of course, some movies are all about the game. Read More

Are Canadians Becoming Obsessed with Online Poker?

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When you look at countries across the world you can all see the major differences that each country has. Whether it is cultural events, food or music, the world is a massively diverse place. Having said that, the world has something in common. Take games for example, no matter where you live the rules will be the same and the training required to be the best at something will be similar. Poker is no exception. Read More

Poker in the English language

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Online poker has helped a great deal to make this popular game become a hobby and a profession. However, many years ago, its popularity made its jargon and terms find their way into the English language. Not only that: many other languages have their equivalent of these idioms, phrases and expressions, even though they are not really known as places where poker is played everywhere, everyday. Read More

The popularity of online Blackjack

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Blackjack is one of the most popular online (and offline) casino games. Most players seem to think that they know how to play it without having done much study. Even if you do decide to do some study on this game, there really isn’t too much to it. With a ‘basic strategy’ chart you can sit down at a Blackjack table and start to play.

Winning with Blackjack is another matter entirely.

First off, the term ‘basic strategy’ can seem like it is a bit limited, a bit ‘basic’. That is not the case at all, and the term is misleading. Basic Blackjack strategy is the only way to play Blackjack. It is not just the preferred method; any other way is wrong. Read More

BoDogGone – from the U.S.

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BoDogGone - from the U.S.

The news was finally announced yesterday that Bodog will no longer accept players from the United States of America.

We have known for a while that this was going to happen before the end of 2011, and we eagerly waited for the new poker room that would take the Bodog U.S. players to be launched. And so it was launched yesterday – Bovada is officially live.

All existing US players on Bodog poker will now be migrated to the new Bovada poker Read More

Loose Aggressive Poker Tactics

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Loose aggressive (LAG) poker players can be very difficult to play against. So it can make sense to play in that style yourself.

This poker style has the potential to be the most profitable tactic, but it can also be the most costly to your bankroll.

The key to playing loose aggressive and being profitable is to pick your opponents.

If you are going to use this LAG tactic at the poker tables, then you must Read More

Good news for US players

US Friendly Poker Sites

Things may be starting to look a bit better for players from the USA. This month two more options have become available for American poker players.

The first option is Carbon Poker – having left the US market temporarily a few months ago, they have now re-entered with a few restrictions. People from the following states are not allowed play at Carbon:

Kentucky, New York, Maryland, Washington, Louisiana, Missouri, and also Washington D.C. Read More

Where can American poker players play now?

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It is hard to believe that it is now the first day of August and the situation in online poker for Americans has still not been resolved.

Poker Stars no longer accepts American players. Absolute Poker and UB are no longer paying their players so there is no point in playing there. Full Tilt is not online and is not paying anyone right now. Bodog Poker has come out and said that they will stop accepting players from America from the end of this year, but in reality they are not accepting American Read More

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