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Poker and Bingo Combine Forces

Poker fans looking for some gaming action of a different kind might like to try online bingo. In fact, there is a new game called bingo poker which combines elements of both games to create an interesting mix, guaranteed to give all gamers a dose of fun – and potential big winnings!

Bingo poker uses bingo cards filled in with poker terms, such as Straight Draw, Trip Aces or Seven Deuce Off-Suit to create a series of bingo calls guaranteed to put a smile on any poker player’s face. When the phrases are called out, players cross them off their cards – the winner of the game is the one to either cross off all their phrases or create a pattern or line with them – depending on the pre-arranged rules of the game.

Bingo poker is perfect to play at home with hand-created cards. It is a great game to play in between poker games for a light-hearted change. These fun alternative style bingo games are not usually found at bingo sites, but there are plenty of games to enjoy in any case, like regular 90 ball and 75 ball bingo as well as table games such as roulette and blackjack, scratch cards and of course the slot games.

Some poker fans may think of bingo poker as a sort of poker crime – a disrespect to the game itself by integrating another lesser game into its mix –but this is not the case! Bingo is a great game of fun with potential great winning opportunities. Many bingo sites these days offer free bingo for even better value. Costa Bingo is a site that offers free bingo 24/7 and real cash prizes up for grabs.

Players at Costa Bingo can look forward to winning up to £50 absolutely free in the free games playing every single day at the site. If players want to splash out on a low ticket cost game then there are loads to choose from each week with jackpot prizes of up to £3000 and card costs as low as 10p. There are also a selection of 1p games worth a look.

Bingo is not all that is on offer at Costa Bingo, the leading bingo site also has a wide collection of slot games to please any gaming fan, including Bejewelled Slots, a real instant favourite with a precious gems theme. Players of this slot have to match the gems as they fall down – a winning combination can pay out rich rewards. The graphics are attractive and colourful and players at Costa will enjoy this slot as an alternative to the fun bingo on offer every day.

Poker players can enjoy playing bingo poker at home, with winnings as great as they want to offer, and perhaps slip onto the Costa Bingo site afterwards for a spot of slot action. Bejeweled is only one of a wide range of slots, including comic book superhero slots, movie-themed slots, retro slots and other titles often with a progressive jackpot.

Bingo games and the slots at bingo sites are the hot new games for poker fans to experience – plus don’t forget that bingo poker is the perfect alternative for home games!

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