Casino games

Many professional and semi-professional poker players like to relax by playing different gambling games, most notably casino games such as Blackjack.

While it can be a lot of fun to change occasionally to pure gambling games instead of the skill based poker that you are used to, the other side of this is that most profitable poker players have a leak in the form of some casino game too.

So all the profit they take from the poker table they give back at the casino tables.

Of course, not all players have a problem with this, and can manage their casino gambling as an entertainment cost, much like any other entertainment where there is no profit expectation.

Much like anything else, moderation is good when it comes to casino gambling, and it takes just a small shift in your mind set to get full advantage from switching (occasionally) to gambling games.

One thing you must accept is that, while you have an expectation of making a profit from poker, you should have no such expectation from any other gambling game. Casinos are there to make money, and they do that from the built in edge that all casino games have. The only thing that can overcome that edge is pure luck. Good luck coupled with moderation may see you taking a profit from playing, say, Blackjack, but thinking that you can make a consistent profit from Blackjack would be foolish.

The benefit of switching from poker every now and again is that you stop yourself getting into a rut. It can also help to refresh your math abilities when you have to make calculations that you are not used to doing.

And aside from all that, it can be a whole lot of fun.