Poker News

As we focus primarily on poker related subjects on this site, our poker news stories are going to be far more numerous than our general gaming news stories.

In gaming news we really only cover those major stories that impact every type of online gambler, whereas in this poker news section we have more storeis that are specific to online poker players.

These past few years have seen quite a lot of changes in the online poker world, and at times it seems that new legislation is being brought out somewhere in the world in relation to online poker. Added to that the various poker room closures and restrictions being imposed on players from different countries, and it can all seem overwhelming.

Even so, serious poker players really need to know what’s happening, or going to happen, in relation to poker. It’s no good finding out that you should have moved your money out of a particular poker room after it has closed down.

While that might be an extreme situation, a simple check on the main headlines a couple of times every week should keep you up to date with the major happenings in poker.