Developing a playing style

As you get more experience playing poker you will start to develop a playing style. In fact, you will probably have a playing style that changes multiple times over the course of your playing career. There are really several different styles of play that one could have. There is the aggressive style, the tight style and many more. Those are the main two, however there are different variations

Mixing Up your Style

There are different techniques and styles that everyone plays, and it is important to have your own. Still, there is a specific direction that every good player will go. A mixture of different styles would be by far the best way to go. When you mix up your game, it makes good players have a difficult time reading you and figuring out what you are doing. It will help you take down pots you normally wouldn’t win and get paid off on hands you normally would not get paid off on.

One of the best playing styles is a tight-aggressive type of style. If you play this way, you are careful and selective with the hands that you play. When you do choose to play in a hand, you raise and bet as much as possible. Aggression is extremely important in poker. The problem is that if you are not smart about how you bet and when you bet, you will get into a lot of trouble. There are some good players out there that will just tear an overly aggressive player right up. So be careful however, you can still be tough and aggressive when you are in hands

Avoid the Myths

You will hear a lot about face cards and pocket pairs. While many people think those are the only playable hands, that is very false. There are a variety of different hands that are nowhere near a face card or pocket pair, that could be excellent hands. It is all about the position you are in and how you play the cards. Sometimes, having a King Queen would be nowhere near as valuable as having a 6 7.

The only way you will be able to truly develop your own playing style is from experience. Learn as much as you possibly can about this game and play as many hands as you can. Between the things you learn from reading, watching and playing, you will be able to come up with a strategic strategy that works for your personality and style. You will not come right out of the gate with the best possible way to play the game. It takes a lot of time.

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