Full table play or short handed play

As mentioned in many articles before, there are hundreds of variables in poker. One of those variables is the amount of players that are in a poker game. There are commonly two different kinds of games when it comes to the number of players. There are short handed games and full table games. If there are 8-10 players in a game, this is typically known as a full table game. When there are 7 or less players in a game, this is known as a short hand game. It is important to understand the difference between the two.

When more players are in a game, there will be better hands taking down pots. With more cards out, the made hands will be much better than if there where less hands. This is the number one thing to think about when playing in one game or another.

Full Table Poker

When playing in a full table, there are a lot of cards out there. You should typically be more selective with your hands and not play too many hands. A full table will have a lot more going on, and you can afford to be patient and wait for your move. The chances of getting paid off are much better than if you are in a short handed game. Once again, the odds of better hands being out there are good. That means if you have a great hand, there is a good chance someone will have a good hand that can pay you off.

Short Hand Poker

When playing at a short hand table, the game is a lot different. It is much more aggressive and there are a lot more hands being played. In this kind of game it is hard to be patient and wait too long to make a move because blinds move around fast. If you mess around too much then before you know it you might not have anymore chips due to the blinds. You can play more hands in this case as well. For example, in a 6 person game and Ace 10 might be considered a premium hand, while an A 10 would not be a premium hand in a full table.

These are all things to think about when you sit down at a table. When you are playing poker online, be aware of these facts before you buy in to a 6 person short handed table. The game is not the same as playing in a 9 person full table. They are completely different styles, and you could find yourself in a lot of trouble if you are not ready for that.

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