Full Tilt Poker Withdrawal Problems

All existing players with an account at Full Tilt Poker are experiencing withdrawal problems. Primarily this is because the poker rooms gaming license has been suspended and they need to be licensed in order to handle deposits and withdrawals.

Technically of course they don’t need a license to do any of that; they could even operate the poker room and have games on the site without a license, but their official line is that they are discussing the situation with their licensing body in order to resolve it.

That is not much use to players whose bankrolls are tied up in the site right now though, and at this time the only news on player withdrawals is to wait for more news.

If you have been managing your bankroll properly then you should have some reserves available to you which means that you can take advantage of some of the great offers that various poker rooms are putting out there in order to attract ex tilt players.

One such great offer, the best value that we have seen so far, is from Betfair Poker. Using the deposit bonus offer and the value back guarantee promotion, new players at Betfair can expect to get 85% of their rake paid back to them in their first two months. No other offers are coming close to this value right now.

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If you are unlucky enough to have had your whole bankroll tied up in FT when it went down, you could try out some of our no deposit poker bonuses. They are small enough but just might be enough to get you started again.

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