Key Elements to a winning poker player

Poker is a game that is not mastered in a short amount time. There are a lot of different variables in the game. You could have all of the natural talent in the world, and still that is not enough. There are a lot of characteristics that are needed to be a winning poker player. Especially if you want to be a winning poker player that makes a significant amount of money. In either case, you will need discipline, patience, experience and a bankroll. Not to mention all of the other poker related skills.

Discipline and Patience

You need both of these characteristics to be a winning poker player – there is simply no way around it. If you are going to be successful, it is a must that you are discipline and patient. There are so many different reasons why, that they could not all be listed on one page. The fact is that without discipline and patience, you could never be a winning poker player. Sure, anybody could get lucky on any given night. The problem is that you must be willing to sit at a poker table for hours without playing a single hand.

Being a winning poker player is not always fun and it is often not very exciting. You cannot get involved in a lot of different hands and you definitely cannot afford to be undisciplined. This falls under a lot of different situations, not just when you are actually in a hand. There are also the instances when you will start to get bored with the limits you play and you will want to play higher limits. There will be other times when you will get inpatient and you will want to try to make something out of nothing.

Bankroll Management

You will always hear a lot about bankroll management. It is the one thing that you cannot live without if you are a poker player. Not only do you need to be able to build a bankroll, but you also need to have the ability to manage it. Even this alone falls under discipline and patience. If you do not have both of those attributes, you will have a tough time managing your bankroll.

If you have good bankroll management skills, that alone will help a great deal. There are some excellent poker players out there that end up going broke just because they do not have good bankroll management skills. It takes a long time to build a bankroll. Once you finally do, it will be hard to stay level headed. It feels very good when you know that everything you have in your bankroll is from your poker winnings. That means you are doing something right. If you let it get to your head, you will find that you can lose it 100 times faster than you won it.


Experience is what ties it all together. This is where you learn and figure out all of the different situations and the solutions to different problems. It is crucial to put together all of these different things. All these elements should be molded together over time to create the ultimate element–a winning poker player.

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