Loose Aggressive Poker Tactics

Loose aggressive (LAG) poker players can be very difficult to play against. So it can make sense to play in that style yourself.

This poker style has the potential to be the most profitable tactic, but it can also be the most costly to your bankroll.

The key to playing loose aggressive and being profitable is to pick your opponents.

If you are going to use this LAG tactic at the poker tables, then you must do some work before you even sit down.

Go to the lobby of your chosen poker site and look through the active tables at the limits that you will be playing at. Pay attention to the ‘view-flop’ percentage that should be displayed beside each table.

This number is a good indication of the kind of players that are sitting at that table. A low number means that the players are generally tight, and a higher number indicates that the play is going to be loose.

The numbers will vary also depending on the number of seats at the table and the number of players currently playing, so be sure to read the numbers properly.

In general a number less than 30% on a full 9 or 10 seat table means that the play is tight. A higher number with the same conditions, say high thirties or forties, means that the play is generally loose. Even higher numbers means a crazy loose table.

Players planning to play loose aggressive should pick tighter tables to sit in to. Picking the right table increases your chances of getting paid off with this style.

Now that you have picked your table and are sitting in, take some time to get a feel for the other players. No matter how tight the table, you will still need to play in position in order to get paid here.

So pay attention to the other players and look for any reads that you can find.

Watch out for any stacks that are a multiple of the maximum table buyin; these are quite possibly experienced players who will know what you are doing, so be careful of those.

The main idea behind the tactic of playing in a loose aggressive style against a tight table is that tight players will have a short range of raising hands, and not too many calling hands. While you, the LAG player, will have a broader range of raising hands.

Trying to push players off of pots before the flop will probably only have short term profitability, and could ultimately see you bullying a player with a monster, so the better approach is to wait for signs of weakness post flop and then bet out.

Being careful of the larger stacks, and trying to only bet in position, playing aggressively against any tight player that appears to have missed the flop should see a positive return.

In those hands where a tight player has hit the flop but checked or min bet in order to get you to over bet, with a decent range of second rate starting hands you should still be holding something worth playing and so it won’t always be a dead loss for you.

This can be quite a profitable strategy when you get the hang of it, but be sure to move tables more often than you might do when playing more tightly, as you will be tagged pretty quickly using this tactic.

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