Making the final table in poker tournaments

There is no better feeling for a poker player than making it all the way through a poker tournament and taking first place. The game is such a rollercoster of events, that you never know what will happen. After winning a poker tournament you can look back at all of the hands and the ups and downs. Actually winning the tournament will seem like it was a dream. It is sometimes hard to believe that you made it through all of the crazy events. There are many people that have never had that feeling because they have never actually won a decent sized tournament.

Making it all the way can be a very tough task. It will take a tremendous amount of composure, focus and discipline. Along with that, you will definitely need a bit of luck as well. Poker tournaments are like wars, with many different battles. The problem is that you can win hundreds of battles, then turn around and lose just one battle that will cause you to lose the whole war.

The Beginning Phases

In the beginning phases of a tournament, everyone will start out fairly patient. People will fold a lot and they will wait for big hands. For that reason, you will typically want to be aggressive and take advantage of this. You would be surprised how many blinds and small pots you can steal and how much that will add up. This will also help with giving yourself an image at the table, which will set you up for the future of the tournament.

The Middle Phases

As you progress through to the middle phases of the tournament, you will want to start tightening up. After a while, people start to get worried about their chip stacks and they start to get desperate. People will start going all in with any Ace and any two face cards. This is the time where you need to sit on your chips and wait for a big hand. If you are patient, you will run into many different opportunities to double up or at least take players out and gain more chips. This is the time where you want to win hands with your cards.

The Later Phases

During the later phases of the tournament is where you want to start to get more aggressive. This is when a lot of the field will start to tighten up again and get more patient. As you get closer to the payout positions, players will start to hold on to their chips. The upside of this situation is that blinds are going to be fairly large by now. Each pot you can steal will be a significant amount of chips.

Once you get into the money, then you want to start tightening up again and waiting for good positions. The higher you climb the more money you will make. Of course your goal is to make it all the way through. At this point, you want to relax, sit back and let your instincts guide you through the rest of the tournament. With a little bit of luck and some cards falling the right way, you will have no problem winning more tournaments.

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