Making the Most of Online Poker Site Reviews

There’s an art to making the most of online poker site reviews that many people seem to struggle with. It’s hard to read through the filler and promotion and really get to the grit of the review; the perks, the promos, the hard factors that determine if a site is worth your time or not. For example, the bonus code for Bet365 listed in most reviews may give you a 200% bonus of up to $1,000, but how long do you have to clear it out? How fast does it clear out? Not knowing these things can be a real heartbreaker when you finally deposit the $500 and realize too late that you can only earn out maybe $100 of the bonus before time runs out, given your schedule.

Sky PokerAnother example of understanding a poker site review; Sky Poker no deposit bankrolls. You get the cash in your account and are able to play whatever you want with the deposit. But, depending on the site, do you know if you have to make a deposit later in order to be able to cash the money out? Or can you cash the money out without making a deposit, but have to clear so many FPP’s just to be able to cash any amount out at all? Knowing these things by reading through the review and fine print can be a life saver when looking to cash that big score out.

Finally, take a Bovada Poker review and look through it. They’ve changed domain names, and for some players, they may simply read that part and run to Bovada ready and raring to play. But, some significant changes have been made on the site that may sway their opinion of the site, first and foremost being anonymous tables. How comfortable are you with playing on a site where you’ll never know who you’re up against, even if you switch tables in the same tournament and play your former opponent again later? That may be a huge deterrent for some players who prefer to know their opponent. Be careful when browsing online poker site reviews; get all the facts before you make the commitment.

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