Multi table tournament overview

The most popular style of poker game is a tournament poker game. To be more specific, a multi table tournament. This is the kind of tournament you will find when you watch the World Poker Tour or the World Series of Poker on TV. These are the types of tournaments where you can make the big money. In fact, some of the bigger tournaments out there have been known to change lives of average people. Could you imagine buying into a tournament for a thousand dollars and within 15 hours walking away with $400,000? Well that is the kind of stuff that happens every single day in these poker tournaments. Multi table tournaments provide opportunity to your normal average poker player.

Of course, there are still plenty of multi table tournaments played every day that may not be as glamourous. The $100 tournament with 100 people is the kind of tournament that you will be more likely to play in. Either way, these multi table tournaments all have the same kind of situations and are going to encounter the same issues. They will all call for the same strategies and one will not be much different from another.

Poker Tournament Survival

In any poker tournament, it is all about survival. There is nothing more crucial, as the player that survives the longest will win. In order to survive the raising blinds, the intense competition and the clock; you will need to accumulate a lot of chips. In fact, if you want to win the tournament, you will have to win every single chip in that was on any of the tables in that tournament.

Do not let the term survive deceive you. Surviving does not mean just hanging around. On the other hand, as long as you are hanging around you still have the opportunity to win. You never know when things will heat up and when your cards will become hot. All you can do in a tournament is put yourself in the best possible positions. The longer you survive, the more opportunities you will have to accumulate chips.

Fast Patience

In any poker tournament you are racing against time. Along with being fully aware of the blinds and the time, you must be able to be extremely patient. It is all about putting yourself in the best positions to win hands. You cannot afford to miss opportunities, but you cannot afford to throw away chips.

In the beginning to medium stages of a tournament you can normally afford to sit around and be more patient. Once you get into the later stages when the blinds start to get bigger, you will want to start playing more aggressive and taking more chances. Nobody wants to get knocked out of the tournament, and you must use that to your advantage. There is nothing better than putting your opponents in a rough position. The roughest is when you put them in the position to either fold or risk all of their chips.

If you can manage to focus on patience and opportunity you will do just fine. On the other side, you should be taking advantage of your opponents. Understand and know their fears.

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