Online Poker Bonuses

Online Poker Bonuses come in all shapes and sizes; from the very large (like the Tiger Gaming bonus of $2,500) to the very small (such as the Poker Stars bonus of $50).

It can be difficult to choose which is the best bonus for you. That’s where we come in. We are here to help.

The main points to consider when looking at an online poker bonus offer are;

  • the amount
  • the percentage match
  • the time limit if any
  • the points requirements
  • the release increment

The Amount
The current standard amount on offer from most poker rooms is around $500 to $600. Anything above that is good, anything below is not so good.

The Percentage Match

Again, looking at the current standard offer, 100% is about right, so anything more than that deserves to be looked closely at, and any poker room offering below 100% would need some other very good reason for it to be considered.

The Time Limit
This is a very important, yet often overlooked, factor in determining if a bonus is good or not. A standard time limit doesn’t really apply here, as they vary wildly.

The Points Requirement
Probably the most important individual aspect of a good bonus is how many points you need to earn per bonus dollar

The Release Increment
If the bonus is released in a lump sum then all the other factors need to be right in order to go for this bonus. If it is released in increments, preferably small increments, then you can take a chance if you like this offer.

Other considerations
Some rooms offer part of their bonus up front, such as the Bodog Bonus, which offers 10% of your deposit amount up front. This is great, as it means that you can play with this cash straight away. The reality here is that you are using the poker rooms own money to earn the bonus.