Playing heads up poker

Heads up is a completely different poker game than a full table. In fact it is a completely different game than playing with 3 or 4 people. The strategy will need to be changed in order to be successful heads up. It is obviously very important to develop a good heads up game. Without it, you will never be able to win a poker tournament. This is a big reason why some of the best cash game players in the world are not winning big tournaments. Playing heads up is just simply not the same as a normal poker game. You could be amazing at one and terrible at the other.

Understanding The Differences

Heads up poker is against just one player. Obviously, this will make for some fairly substantial differences. You have to remember when you are playing that you are only up against one player with equal chances as you. You have a 50% chance of having a winning hand before every single hand even starts. In poker, those are some pretty good odds. Because of that, the more aggressive player tends to win in a heads up match.

The more aggressive you are while playing heads up the better. The chances of your opponent having a great hand are not that good. More times than not, they will have a poor hand. Sure, you will run into a monster here and there but most of the time you will not. When you tie in the fact that you can always get lucky and catch some cards yourself, you are increasing your odds even more.

Putting your Opponents in Tough Positions

Playing heads up poker is all about putting your opponents in the toughest positions possible. Each and every hand you want to put the pressure on them. This will enable them to make bad mistakes and give away the game. If you are going to win a heads up match, you cannot sit around waiting for cards.

Remember, that a lot has to happen in order for you to win on one big hand when you are heads up. First of all, you have to wait for that hand to come when you make a monster. On top of that, you will need your opponent to either make a stupid move, or you will need them to have a hand just a little worse than yours. All of this needs to happen at the same exact time in one single hand. Do you really want to rely on something like that to happen in order for you to win? Probably not.

Heads up is all about being aggressive. You will be able to win a lot of small pots that will add up. The nice thing about heads up poker, is the fact that the blinds are usually fairly large. That means even if you are just simply taking the blinds, you are still winning decent pots. Win the match slowly, but surely.

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