Playing with a short stack

Playing with a short stack can be one of the most exciting positions to be in when playing poker. After sitting with a short stack for long enough, you start to get the feeling that you have nothing to lose. That makes you dangerous, and it opens up a lot of doors. The only way that could work in your favor, is if you learn how to have that attitude in a smart kind of way. Channel that frustration and feeling into playing a smart short stack strategy.

Different players have different strategies for everything they do at a poker player. You will surely develop your own one day if you have not already. Either way, you have to start somewhere. When it comes to playing poker as the short stack, a good strategy is the all in or fold strategy. At this time, you have to tighten up and wait for the right opportunity.

The Short Stack Nightmare

Nobody likes the short stack, because they know how dangerous the short stack could be. That is, if you know how to play it the right way. The one thing you cannot allow for yourself to do as the short stack is to blind out. You have to wait for a good opportunity, but at the same time you are racing against the clock. Your stack is not just going to sit there all day/night. Eventually it will dwindle. If it becomes too short, you will no longer be a threat.

You have to have some fold equity when you are the short stack. That means that you have to have a big enough stack to be able to make your opponents suffer if they call you and lose. The worst position is when you are so low that everyone will call you no matter what their cards are. That is why you have to make your move before you get too short. You want to either steal the blinds away or double up.

Short Stack Warnings

Never ever go all in as a short stack with A10. The same goes with any other hand similar to Ace 10. Those are the worst hands you could ever make a move with. If you get called, guess what you can expect to see in the other players hand? Ace King, Ace Queen or even better. If you are going to make a move, make sure that either you have a premium hand or you have at least a hand that will be live. If you are running out of time and you have to make a move, look for hands like 7 6 suited and other variations around that hand. Most likely, at least you will have live cards that way.

You are racing against the clock, but you still have to be patient. There is no point in rushing with a bad hand when you have more opportunities ahead of you. Take your time and really search for that good opportunity. Remember to always leave yourself with outs.

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