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Poker, one of the popular games in an online casino, is so popular that it is said to be the American’s table game. As such, it comes as no surprise that poker is constantly portrayed in the American movies. In some of them, there are a couple of scenes with people playing poker, but there are others where poker plays a major role. And of course, some movies are all about the game.

To start with, every good Western movie – and most bad ones – will have people playing poker in the saloons, or it wouldn’t be a Western at all. Some movies won’t teach anyone how to play, but they are certainly fun to watch, like the romance Lucky You, with Drew Barrymore, and Honeymoon in Las Vegas, with Nicholas Cage. Maverick, with Mel Gibson, is part comedy, part historical drama, showing the riverboat tournaments that helped to spread the game throughout the USA.

Rounders on the other hand, explains much more than the previous films mentioned, and focuses on the Texas Hold’em variant, played online. It lets the spectators feel all of the excitement of the game and probably introduced many people to modern-day poker. The classic Cincinatti Kid follows the journey of a card player who is trying to be the best poker player of all time. Although Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels is not about poker, it does have great underground scenes of three card brag , adding lots of action to the film.

Another must see poker film is A Big hand for a little lady which takes the viewers to follow the drama of a couple playing poker. The biggest high-stakes game is on and the man risks all his family’s fortune on it, but then he falls ill and his wife takes his place at the table. Not to forget memorable poker scenes from Casino Royale and Ocean’s 11, which appear only a few times in each movie, but do show the game being played properly.

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