Poker Streets

The ‘Streets of Poker’ are simply nicknames given to the positions of some of the cards that are dealt in poker games that feature cards being dealt face up. ‘Face Up’ means that everyone can see what value the card has. Cards that are dealt ‘face down’ can only be seen by the person to whom they are dealt, until the ‘showdown’ when you must show your cards if you are called and hope to win the pot.

An example of a poker game with some cards being dealt face up is Texas Holdem, where each player is dealt two cards face down, and the rest of the cards that are deal are placed in the center of the table and are dealt face up. These cards in the center are called ‘community‘ or ‘board‘ cards.

At a number of stages in every poker game, there is a pause in the dealing of the cards to allow for a round of betting. So for example in Texas Hold’em, after each player has been dealt two cards face down, there is a pause while players either fold their hand or place their money into the pot to stay in the game.

Once that first betting round is completed, the next cards are dealt, which is a series of three cards dealt face up in the center of the table and this is usually called ‘the flop‘.

This stage of the game is sometimes referred to as ‘third street’. This is not an official poker term though, but is more used as a friendly reference or slang term.

The ‘turn’ card, which is dealt next in order, is sometimes called ‘fourth street’ and the final card, the ‘river card’ is also sometimes known as ‘fifth street’.

In Stud Poker games, where the number of cards dealt exceeds five, such as Seven Card Stud, the seventh card dealt is called ‘Seventh Street’.