The current top poker players rankings

The rankings of the current top 300 players in the world have been published today.

As a disclaimer, let me start by staing that I am not on that list. No, in fact, you are more likely to see me surfing here for low limit sites to try out. (Currently experiencing a bad run, though things are not that bad just yet).

Top 10 Player Rankings

Did you make the list?

So, yes, the top poker players in the world. This list is updated weekly though, not yearly, so bear that in mind. The qualification, and therefore ranking, criteria, are the results gained from tournaments that have had 21 or more players, and can be played at all buy-in levels, but they must have been to the public.

This means that these qualifying tournaments cannot have been specialty tournaments, nor can they have been selected audience events. You know the kind, by invite only. So they don’t count.

So in theory any player that is good enough can be ranked. You don’t have to aleady be a pro player to get into the top list.

I’m not going to list the top three hundred players here. That would be rather redundant as they are already published in the above referenced article which you can find on

The top ten players from that list are as follows;

  1. Ole Schemion
  2. Daniel Negreanu
  3. Dan Smith
  4. Scott Seiver
  5. Byron Kaverman
  6. Jason Mercier
  7. Paul Volpe
  8. Alex Bilokur
  9. Mukul Pahuja
  10. Jacob Schindler

Check the full list just in case you made it.

Ok, so what’s my point? Well, I have two points. The second, in order of least importance (just saying it now to get it out of the way) is that while this is the poker story that USA Today has, what do you think the poker players bible has as their top poker story today? Something similar to the above maybe? Nope, totally wrong. Or, not quite, as it is another ‘top list’ kind of story.

Today CardPlayer has run with the story of the “Top Ranked Poker Player Tweets”.


Now, to be fair, my issue is not with the subject matter of the story, so to speak, so much as with the content. For example, number three on this poker ‘top’ list is this tweet;

Marvin Rettenmaier (@madmarvin)
@markusaschke Dankeschön!

And here is a picture of that wonderful tweet:

Poker tweet number three

Seriously! What?

The other tweets in the list are of equal value.

While I do admit that most tweets are not worth readiing – I’m not expecting much here, the bar is quite low – how is this stuff the top of anything? There isn’t even a critical article to go along with this, just the actual tweets taken out of context.

Anyway, I digree – too much, in fact, as I’ve been writing for a while and I still haven’t made my first point. In fact, I almost forgot it.


Anyway, the main point is that of these top 10 players listed above, the average age is 32. Yes, go look it up if you don’t believe me. I did.

The top player there, Ole Schemion from Germany, is just 22, and the number two player is the well known Daniel “Kid Poker” Negreanu, weighing in at 40 years of age.

Even their ages averaged out comes to 31.

Was that my point? Maybe.

Or it could be that maybe “Kid Poker” Negreanu needs a change of nickname.

No, the point I wanted to make was about the lower age of some of these players. The number one poker player this week is twenty two years old. The online version of the game is almost that old, coming in at about 18 years this year.

For me, Negreanu has been around the online poker scene quite literally forever. And in this company he now starts to look like an old man. And I used to think that Doyle Brunson was old. Now I suppose I must realize that it is I that has grown old…

To get back off the self-pitying track, it is also worth noting that half of the top ten players are American born. While most US players are still looking for somewhere to play online, these guys are currently the top of their game. Literally.

It makes you wonder just what the law makers did to their people when they stifled the growth of the online game in their country, when so many of the worlds top players are actually from there in the first place. I wonder how that list would look should the game have been left even for players from all countries.

Perhaps I will have an answer to that whenever the legal situation gets sorted out over there.

Reading back over that, I think that should have been my main point. Let’s say it was.

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