Understanding the different poker games

There are many different poker games in existence in today’s day and age. If you were to walk into a casino however, you would probably only see 1-3 different poker games being played in the poker room. The reason for that is because of the popularity of Texas Holdem, which is by far the most popular poker game in the world

Other than the very extensive game of Texas Holdem, there are seven other poker games that are quite common and could be found in many different card rooms, especially online. The games that are being discussed are Omaha, Omaha hi lo, 7 card stud, 7 card stud hi lo, five card stud, five card draw and HORSE. These are all of the main poker games that can be played. Some are more common than others, but for the most part if you look hard enough you can find any one of these games.

The Importance of Learning them all

If you are just starting out at poker, it can be tough to decide where to start and what to learn. Most people will just simply learn Texas Holdem and they will quickly decide that there is no better game. The problem with that is the fact that there are more games out there and not only could they be better for specific individuals, but they will also help with becoming a better Texas Holdem player. The concept of poker is the same no matter what game you are playing in.

The goal of any poker game no matter which game it is would be to rake in as many chips as possible. It doesn’t matter if it is Holdem or if it is Five Card Draw. The different games to have some major differences, but they are all very similar. Once you understand one, it will not be hard to catch on to the others.

Becoming an all Around Player

This may seem like it has very little importance if you are a beginner, but you will be thankful that you took this advice in the long run. It takes a long time to learn these games and it takes even longer to become experienced and great at them. The quicker you realize that the more games you are good at the better; the more successful you will be with poker.

It is smart to specialize in one game, but not smart to limit yourself to one game. You never know when an opportunity to take advantage of a great game will come. What happens if that great game is an Omaha hi lo game and you do not know anything except for Holdem? Do you really want to be the guy that misses out on cleaning out a group of rich yet terrible poker players? These are all things that will happen to you if you do not take the time to understand all of the different poker games.

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