Where can American poker players play now?

It is hard to believe that it is now the first day of August and the situation in online poker for Americans has still not been resolved.

Poker Stars no longer accepts American players. Absolute Poker and UB are no longer paying their players so there is no point in playing there. Full Tilt is not online and is not paying anyone right now. Bodog Poker has come out and said that they will stop accepting players from America from the end of this year, but in reality they are not accepting American s right now. Merge stopped taking Americans ‘temporarily’ in June, but that was only meant to last for a few weeks and there has been no change so far.

So what is an American poker player meant to do?

Well, there are still some sites that accept players from the US, but they are not all that well known.

The Yatahay network still welcomes Americans. That is the network that Doyles room and True poker are on. However, there have been many complaints about the software, the lack of security in their player accounts, and the downrght non existant player numbers which means that it is very difficult to even get a game there right now.

The only other option at this time is the Cake Network. Although most players don’t actually like the Cake Poker room, there are other rooms on this network that are reasonably good. One of the best is All In Poker. They have some good promotions on at the moment so they might be worth your while checking out.

Other than that, the only other option is the Everleaf gaming network, which is also US friendly at this time. The most pro active room on this growing network is Luvin Poker. Ok, so it’s not a great name, but the promotions are good, and support will help you find a deposit method that works for you.

Those are the only real options available to US players at this time. Hopefully that will all change once we see some legislation governing online poker in the USA, but that is unlikely to be this year.

You can find an up to date list of the current American friendly poker rooms here.

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